Privacy Policy

Medics on the Ball, Inc. is committed to managing and protecting all personal information according to the standards outlined below.

1. Collection and Usage of Personal Information

Medics on the Ball, Inc. collects personal information in order enable us to provide estimates for job services to you. Any information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, etc., which can be used to identify a specific individual constitutes personal information. This also includes information which could not be used to identify you by itself, but could be used by cross-referencing to other information in identifying you.

2. Security of Personal Information

Medics on the Ball, Inc. will take every reasonable and adequate measure to prevent personal information from being lost, damaged, or leaked.

3. Protection and Management of Personal Information

Medics on the Ball, Inc. will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the individual. However, personal information may be provided in certain circumstances such as if required to do so in accordance with the law, requested by government, etc.

4. Correcting, Changing, and Deleting Personal Information.

If you wish to correct, change or delete any personal information held by us, Medics on the Ball, Inc. will proceed to act on that immediately within reasonable bounds once we verify and confirm the identity.

5. Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

Medics on the Ball, Inc. will handle all collected personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations applicable to personal information.