Medics On The Ball is Riding High with New Team of Bike Medics

Medics On The Ball is Riding High with New Team of Bike Medics

Medics On The Ball will train all staff EMTs to work as highly desirable bike medics in order to lower costs, reduce response time, and – ultimately – save lives!


Los Angeles, Calif. (February 27, 2014)Medics On The Ball, Southern California’s premier event medical standby company, is excited to announce the addition of International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) certified bike medics to their already extensive array of services.

The IPMBA certification means that Medics on the Ball’s medics has gone through a rigorous training program for public safety cyclists, putting the company at the forefront of public safety.

The decision to train staff members as bike medics stemmed from a need for early treatment and transport at events like marathons, trail runs and festivals where large crowds and a lack of drivable roads can delay response times in emergency situations.

“Training our EMTs as bike medics just makes sense,” said Steve Hamburg, President of Medics On The Ball. “The benefit is that our teams can now carry EMS equipment while simultaneously moving through large crowds and tight areas. Instead of responding to emergencies like these on foot, we can now get there even faster by bike.”

EMS bike teams, which are primarily used for special events, have successfully served areas across the country. The Los Angeles Fire Department found that the average response time of their bike team was between 1 and 2 minutes in the terminal areas of LAX when there is extreme traffic congestion – that’s a big difference from the 15-minute average response time of a rescue ambulance at LAX during heavy traffic periods.

“A faster response time means a better chance at saving a life,” said Hamburg. “That’s why we’re adding this vital service.”

As a leader in affordable first-aid services, Medics On The Ball is a full-service team of highly-trained medical professionals who provide thorough medical care at events across Southern California. Medics On The Ball provides qualified medical staffing for concerts, celebrity and charity events, red-carpet galas, sporting competitions, street fairs, festivals and more!

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