First Aid CPR Training

Learn CPR, Save Lives

Can you recognize the signs of a heart attack? Do you know the symptoms of a stroke? What would you do if someone you love was choking and unable to help themselves?

When someone stops breathing, seconds count. Knowing CPR can save that person’s life.

Gain the skills needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or choking victim, and then learn how to react and respond with Medics on the Ball’s CPR course. As an American Heart Association Authorized Training Provider, Medics On the Ball can teach you how to save someone’s life through CPR.

Knowing CPR is vital to so many people – coaches, teachers, babysitters, medical professionals and more – but it’s also critical for any parent with a little one at home! Although all course attendees hope they will never have to use it, knowing CPR could mean the difference between life and death:

  • CAB4 out of 5 cardiac arrests happen at home
  • Many victims appear healthy with no known heart disease or other risk factors
  • An emergency can occur at any time

Take the Medics on the Ball CPR course and ensure you know how to respond in an emergency. This course is competitively priced and convenient; classes are offered at our facility, or we can travel to you (additional charges may apply). Whether it’s just one person or 100, we will train your entire staff to save lives in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

All of our American Heart Association certified instructors are professional EMTs or paramedics with years of experience in the field. They will share real-life experiences where CPR was used to assist a victim, and then show you how you can do the same!

Learn CPR today. Because when someone stops breathing, seconds count.

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